Welcome to our web-site.

As with most good ideas, the idea for this service came about over a pint with a friend in a pub. My friend was playing a beta of a mobile game I was developing (my first) and they asked if they'd be able to see how their score compares to other gamers.

It was a simple question and over the next few days I researched how to achieve this. I looked into using the free game services provided by the big tech companies but found them over engineered for what I was looking for, and I couldn't trust them with my games data, and by extension, my players' data. It's that old saying that keeps going around: If you aren't paying for a product, then you are the product (even though I suspect companies that do charge for a service still can't be trusted with their customer data either!).

Looking on various game developer forums a popular solution I kept reading about was for a developer to host a database on a remote server and write some code to upload a score to it and download a dataset of player scores. I decided to reinvent the wheel and do just that.

It was an easy decision to make as my background is in commercial applications' design and development and creating databases and APIs is not new to me. But I didn't stop at creating a high-scores service just for my game, I decided to create a means for other independent game developers to use what I had created. And so this service was born.

I want this service to provide a means for other small/independent game developers, such as myself, to be able to design and bring their game to market and only have to pay for a service once a game has achieved a critical mass of active players (and by that time also generating an income stream of it's own through sales, advertising, or in-app purchases).

What I am hoping for is that some of the games that subscribe to my services will become popular enough to generate some revenue so the site and it's services can continue to be developed.

I've spent more time than I imagined on this website, it's database and each services' API once I decided to expand it's target audience from just my one game.

I have tried to make each service's API as simple to use as possible, and I have written copious implementation notes on how to call the API methods from within game code, and also recorded videos on that subject as well.

In the end, this site will survive and thrive if the services provided offer the level of features and usability that game developers want at a price point that makes it attractive for them to sign up for. I think I have. But only time will tell if others think the same.

Happy coding!